As A Composer


The base of Pt.Nivruttibua’s gayaki is ‘Jaipur Gharana’ but many other under currents of other gharanas are also associated withit, indicating an independent ‘Gayan Shaili’ (Style).

He has molded many bandishes of Kirana Gharana into a framework of Jaipur Gharana. He sings in vilambit ektal and also sings chota khayal  which are rarely sung in Jaipur Gharana.

He sang many ragas which are usually not sang by artiste of Jaipur gharana. His taankriya was unparallel it shows an independent existence of its own.

In his compositions one can find very exceptional rhythmic  pattern of laykari.Eg. Kit Dhundan Jau in Raag Sampurna Malkauns and Chhalla Deho  Chailva in Raag Ramdasi Malhar, Mai Janori Tori Chaturai in Raag Dagori, Paar Karo Naiyya in Raag Puriya Kalyan, Ae Kathava in Raag Brindawani sarang

He made minor modifications to some traditional chota khayals to make them more attractive. Eg. Daar Paat Bol in Raag Kafi Kanada



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